• Insurance And Flood Damaged Vehicles

    INSURANCE AND FLOOD DAMAGED VEHICLES. Climate change, rising temperatures, hurricanes, mud slides and many other natural disasters are happening all over the world. Nigeria has had its fair share of massive floodings in different parts of the country. One of the worst incidents of flooding is the Benue flood of August 27, 2017 which was
  • Domestic Violence in Lagos State

    Domestic violence(DV) in plain terms is any form of violence against a person by another in a domestic relationship; either married or not married. This could also be known as intimate-partner violence.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), intimate partner violence is a behavior by an intimate partner or ex-partner that causes physical, sexual
  • Naming and Shaming Rapist In The Eye Of The Law.

    It is such a terrible thing to be raped. Reading stories of rape is one of the most heart-wrenching exercises ever. Hence the need to seek justice and the desire to get rapists punished is very much understandable. This becomes more burning where it seems that rapists go scot-free, enjoy normal family lives and even

    Rape is a universally recognized crime against humanity. This is because it is a crime that is committed against a person which in turn affects their view of the opposite sex, sexuality and life in general. Rape is commonly referred to as unlawful sexual intercourse committed by a man with a woman not his wife
  • The ‘Baby-Mama’ Situation, The Law and Child Custody.

    The ‘Baby-Mama’ Situation, the Law and Child Custody. From time to time, the media is awash with messy custody battles between celebrities and their partners. It often starts with a steamy romance and a baby is born. Some men own up to their responsibility amicably while others have to go as far as confirming their